Car Seat Covers

Car Seat Covers


  • Car Seat Covers Front Set
  • Blue Cloth Seat Covers for Low Back Car Seats with Removable Headrest
  • Universal Fit, Automotive Seat Cover

[UNIVERSAL FIT] Our semi-customized car seat cover fits most vehicles better than other universal covers in the market. Our design has hook-and-loop attachments for a snug fit, straps in the bottom seat, and more, for an almost-customized look and easy to install.

[WATERPROOF/WATER RESISTANT CAR SEAT COVER] We chose high-quality and waterproof neoprene/ water resistant oxford fabric for this car seat covers, so you don’t need to worry at all about any spills damaging your original vehicle’s upholstery and breathable materials.

[HIGH-QUALITY NEOPRENE MATERIAL] These covers for car seats are made to last and provide the best protection to your car’s interior thanks to the heavy-duty and waterproof neoprene fabric and machine washable.

[AIRBAG COMPATIBLE ] Our front seat covers feature a special stitching allowing airbag deployment. It’s officially tested, making our covers a reliable car seat protector. During installation, make sure the cover’s “Airbag” tags face the car’s doors and protect against stains.

[SPLIT REAR BENCH COMPATIBLE] Our back seat covers are fully compatible with 50/50, 40/60, or 60/40 split benches (or longer benches). The covers feature 3 zippers in the backrest AND bottom cover, and extra mesh side pieces so you can move your rear seat freely and get full protection from the cover or use your rear arm rests and full coverage.


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